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Title: Goldensun Material Group Co.,Ltd
Description: Goldensun Group. Chinese manufacturer of clutch plates and other friction parts (brake shoe, brake band and others) for construction machine, agricultural equipment, marine gearbox and industry equipment.
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  • Hot Air Welders;Hot air plastic welding equipments, extrusion welders, heaters, wedge welders and blowers, including automatic hot air welding machine, hot wedge welders, plastic extrusion welders, butt fusion welder
  • Stretch Film Rewinder;stretch film rewinder machines, include stretch film slitter, stretch film rewinder, coreless stretch film slitter, rewinder, Pre stretch film slitter, rewinder machines
  • Steel Pipe, Steel Tube;API 5l carbon steel tube, api 5l welded line pipe, api 5ct casing line pipe, a53 black steel pipe, astm sa53 welded pipe, a795 black welded steel pipe, iso 3183 steel pipe, astm a252 welded steel pipe
  • Aluminium Case;Aluminum cases, aluminum tool cases, aluminum equipment case, aluminum flight case, aluminum briefcase, aluminum wine case, aluminum cosmetic case, aluminum gift case, aluminum trolley case
  • Steel Structure;Steel structure, ventilation equipment, steel building, flexible duct, flexible duct connector, composite air duct, roof turbine ventilator, refrigerant, steel structure, frp sheet, frp roof fan
  • Caster Wheels, PU Caster;casters and wheels including PU caster, PU wheels, polyurethane caster wheels, nylon casters, rubber casters, plastic casters, light duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy duty caster wheels
  • Inkjet Photo Paper;Inkjet paper, photo paper, matte inkjet paper, digital printing photo paper, textured inkjet photo paper, inkjet magnetic paper, laser photo paper, heat tranfer paper, sublimation paper and ink
  • Carbon Steel Tube;Carbon Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Tube, Carbon Steel Tubing, Manufacturer, China, Li Tonglian International Group. China manufacturer of carbon steel pipe, carbon steel tube, carbon steel tubing
  • Sauna Room;sauna room, steam room, spa room, sauna house, portable sauna, sauna cabin, steam sauna, steam sauna room, infrared sauna room, far infrared saunas, sauna equipment
  • Lighting Poles;Street lighting poles, garden lighting poles, traffic lighting poles, outdoor poles, FRP poles for lights, composite poles, light standards.
  • Metal Stamping;Metal stamping, custom metal stamping, stamping parts, stainless steel stamping, aluminum stamping, deep drawn stamping, sheet metal stamping, electrical metal stamping, assembly parts
  • Packing Machine;Vertical form fill seal machine, Horizontal form fill seal machine, Film Wrapping Machine, Flow wrapping machine, shrink wrapping machine, Big pouch filling machine, filling and packaging machine
  • RC Car, RC Cars;Radio controlled toys, rc model, rc car, remote control model, racing car, gas r/c car, electric rc buggy, rc hobby, off-road buggy, baja 5b, 29cc, 26cc, 23cc, scale model car, rc boat, rc ship, nitro
  • PTFE Belts, Teflon Belts;Ptfe belts, teflon belts, mesh belts, conveyor belts, ptfe mesh belt, ptfe conveyor belt, ptfe fusing belt, teflon mesh belt, teflon conveyor belt, teflon tape, ptfe coated fabric
  • Quartz Tube;quartz tube, quartz tubing, quartz rod, quartz plate, quartz sand, quartz laboratory glassware, quartz cuvettes, quartz powder
  • PVC Panel, PVC Ceiling;pvc panels, pvc ceiling, pvc ceiling panel, pvc wall panel, plastic panel, decoration panel, kitchen decorative panel, bathroom decorative ceiling, pvc strip, pvc cladding, pvc board, plasticlad pvc e
  • Winsun Imp.Exp. Group;Luggage, Bags, Hardware, Electronics, Apparel, Textile, Home, Garden, Gifts, Crafts, Chemicals
  • Fashion Products;Casual belts, jean belts, rhinestone belts, western belts, bling belts, square crystal belts, braided belts, knitted belts, girl belts, stretch belts, handbags, bling flip flops, silk scarves
  • Fiberglass;Fiberglass, Peel Ply, Fiberglass Fabric, Fiberglass Insulation, Fiberglass Roving, Fiber Glass
  •;China Suppliers, Manufacturers, Exporters
  • Electric Skateboards;Electric skateboard, electric longboard, motorized longboard, remote control electric skateboard, electric skateboard kits, 600w, 1200w, 900w,150w,250w, 500w, 600w
  • Shipbuilding, Repair;A medium-sized company combining shipbuilding, repair, steel structure processing and anticorrosion of metal structures. Shipbuilding including barge, cargo carrier, ferry, tanker carrier, tug boat
  • Stainless Steel;Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Nickel Alloy Steel, Pipe, Tube, Pipe Fitting, Manufacturer, China, China Supplier, Manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel, nickel alloy material, duplex steel
  • Cartoning Machine;Carton Packaging Machinery, Sealing, Tape, Folding, Bag Making Machine, Pellet, Ointment, Soap, Capsule Filling Machine, Medicine Bottle Cartoning Machine, Food Machine, Injection Cartoning
  • Chemical, Light Industry;Chemical, Light Industry, Textile, Clothing, Home Products, Electronic, Machine
  • Solar Collector;Solar collector, solar hot water heater, solar hot water, solar energy/power heater, solar heating, heat pipe solar collector, solar thermal system, solar heating system, pool solar heater
  • Hot Air Welder;Handheld hot air welder, Hot air welding machine, Hot wedge welder, Plastic extrusion welder, Butt fusion welder, Grommet machine, Heating cutter, Accessories including heating element, welding tips
  • Hunting Gear;hunting gear, hunting clothing, camo clothing, coats, jackets, pants, camo nets, ghillie suit,3-d leafy suit, decoy, hunting packs, hunting bags, hunting seats, wellitong boots, bags
  • Packing Adhesive Tape;Packing Bags, Adhesive Tape, Paper Package, Cloth Tape, Duct Tape, Resealable Bag Sealing Tape, Warning Tape, Foil Tape, Vacuum Seal Storage Bag, Plastic Bag, Zip Lock Bag, Abrasive Sheet, Sand Screen
  • Manhole Cover;Manhole covers, composite manhole covers, frp manhole covers, round manhole covers, smc manhole covers, plastic manhole covers, water grates, water gratings, plastic sewer, water meters
  • IPL Machine, RF Machine;beauty machine, beauty equipment, spa equipment, ipl machine, ipl hair removal, pdt skin care equipment, rf beauty equipment, ipl rf, derma roller, elight ipl and rf , slimming machine
  • LED Display, LED Sign;Led display, led sign, led backlight, indoor/outdoor led display, 7 segment led display, led display board, led display screen, signboard, scrolling led sign, message sign, led electronic signs
  • Pipe and Hose Clamps;Hose Clamps, Pipe Clamp, Pipe Coupling, Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty, Worm Drive, Mild Steel, Cable, Fixing, Wire, Tube Clamps, Custom Pipe Coupling, Fittings
  • Permanent Magnet;Rare-earth, permanent magnets, magnetic material, neodymium magnets, sintered, bonded ndfeb magnets, cast alnico, smco, ferrite magnets, custom, super magnets, promotional, fridge magnets
  • Solar Water Heater;Solar water heater, solar hot water heater, evacuated heat pipe solar collector, heat-pipe vacuum tube, solar energy, solar power, solar powered, solar heater, solar system
  • Metal Carbide Tools;Metal carbide tools, carbide end mill, carbide drill, cnc tool holder, carbide ball nose end mills, carbide ball nose end mills, cutting tools, indexable turning tools, milling tools, carbide insert
  • Food Packing Machine;Food related packing machines, foodstuff, drinking, beverage and vegtables processing, automatic cup sealing machine, filling machine, sealing machine and vacuum packing machine
  • Plastic tableware;plastic tableware, fork spoon, straws, cups, electric skateboard, highway board, cross country board, wooden furniture, crib, chair
  • Fashion Accessories;Basedball Caps, Kids Hats, Bucket Hats, Wristbands, Bandanas, Sports Caps, Denim Caps, Trucker Hats, Fashion Belts, Women, Men Belts, Weave Belts, Winter Gloves, Cotton, Leather, Acrylic, Polyester
  • Travel/Sports Bags;Custom, fashion, promotional, cheap, designer bags, travel/golf/sports canvas bag, laptop computer bag, baby/diaper bag, kids school bag, duffle/totes bag, cosmetic/makeup case, shoulder, shopping bag
  • Stainless Steel Pipe;stainless steel, nickel alloy material, duplex steel, stainless steel pipe, tube, tubing, seamless stainless steel pipe, welded stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe fitting, stainless steel cap
  • Touch Screen Kiosk;Kiosks, digital signage, touch screen, touch screen kiosk, information kiosk, interactive kiosk, self service terminal, digital signage kiosk, interactive digital signage, touch monitor
  • Stretch Film Rewinding Machine;Stretch film rewinder machines, stretch film slitter, stretch film rewinder, coreless stretch film slitter, rewinder, Pre stretch film slitter, rewinder machines.
  • Flexible Tube;Flexible gooseneck arm, Flexible gooseneck tube, flexible gooseneck pipe, flexible gooseneck hose, flexible gooseneck stand, mic gooseneck stand, mic gooseneck hose, gooseneck pipe
  • Metal Stamping;Metal products, stamping, metal stamping, stamping parts, CNC stamping, wire forming, assembly, CNC machining, clamp, furniture and partition hardware, metalware, hinge, contract metal products
  • Automotive Connectors;wire harness, connectors, connector, automotive ecu plug socket, computer board fittings, terminals, high temperature anti-corrosion silicone rubber jacket, HID lights hernia, electrical instruments
  • Seamless Underwear;Seamless underwear, seamless panty, seamless knickers, seamless nightwear, seamless lingerie, seamless intimates, seamless bras, seamless thongs, seamless tops, seamless tank top, spaghetti top
  • Aluminum Sheet;aluminum plain plate, aluminum coil, aluminum strip, aluminum circle sheet, aluminum chequered plate , 5-bars plate, embossed sheet, color coated aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum foil roll
  • Dairy Farm Equipment;Dairy farm/barn, cleaning, packaging machinery, milking machine, fitting, cup, bucket, barrelhead, milk storage, vacuum pump, gathering tank, claw, transportation equip, milk liner, pulsator/regulator
  • Hose Clamp, Pipe Clamp;hose clamp, pipe coupling, pipe fitting, tube/tubing/pipe clamp, quick release clamp, clip, heavy duty clamp, t-bolt clamp, exhaust clamp, groove/cam lock quick coupling, brass copper fittings
  • Herbal Extracts;Botanical extracts, Herb extracts, Plant extracts, food additive, cosmetic, healthcare, pharmaceutical intermediate
  • Gasket Material, Gasket Sheet;gasket material, gasket sheet, exhaust gasket, exhaust o-ring, exhaust pipe gaskets, reinforced graphite sheet, flexible graphite sheet, graphite gasket sheet, exhaust joint gasket
  • Woven Labels;woven labels, hang tags, printed labels, woven tapes, woven patches, embroidered patches, leather labels, adhesive stickers, self-adhesive, rubber labels, metal label, plastic string tag
  • Woven Label, Printing Label;Woven labels, clothing labels, custom woven labels, garment labels, satin, polyamid woven label, printing labels, woven tapes, woven badges, pvc badge, metal badge, embroidery badge, hangtags, fabric
  • Carbon Fiber Vinyl;3D carbon fiber vinyl, air bubble free carbon film, 4d super carbon vinyl, chrome 3d carbon film, chameleon carbon vinyl, matt auto car wrap film, glossy film, car lamp film
  • Carbon Steel Pipe;carbon steel pipe, ERW steel pipe, HFW steel pipe, SSAW steel pipe, api 5l carbon steel tube, api 5l welded line pipe, api 5ct casing line pipe, a53 black steel pipe, astm sa53 welded pipe
  • Copper Tube;Copper Tubes, Copper Rods, Pipe Fittings, Level Wound Coils, Adapters, Elbows, Tees, Bushing, Couplings, Nipples, Union, Copper Alloy Fittings, Pipe Flange
  • Umbrella, Cap, Clothing, Bag;Caps, Clothing, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Bags, Umbrellas, Cups, Mugs, Golf Gear
  • Workwear, Uniforms;Workwear and uniforms, including work clothing, work jackets, work coats, work outerwear, winter work jacket, safety workwear, embroidered workwear, custom workwear, workwear bibs, industrial workwear
  • Air Compressor Hose;Air Hose, Air Compressor Hose, PVC Air Hose, Garden Hose, Gas Welding Hose, Oil Hose, Fuel Hose, Rubber Hose, PVC Hose, Plastic Hose, Aluminum Pipe, Thermal Insulation Pipe, Tire Inflator
  • Nuts and Bolts;Nonstandard fastener, non-standard nuts, non-standard bolts, special fastener, special nuts, special bolts, custom nuts and bolts, cold heading parts, cold forming, cnc machining parts
  • Luggage, Suitcase;Luggage, bags, backpack, handbag, suitcase, briefcase, eva trolley case, carry-ons, luggage sets, wheeled, rolling luggage, laptop bag, travel bag, bag, canvas bag, sports bag, school bag, diaper bag
  • Neodymium Magnets;Rare-Earth, Neodymium, ndfeb, smco/alnico magnet, ferrite permanent magnet, flexible rubber magnet, refrigerator/fridge magnet, arc, block, cylinder, disc, ring, magnetic materials, industrial magnets
  • Permanent Magnets;Permanent magnets, rare earth magnets, ndfeb magnets, neodymium magnets, alnico mangets, smco magnets, ferrigte magnets, magnetic assemble and so on, used in aviation of electroacoustics, instruments
  • Solar Water Heater;solar water heater, solar collector, solar hot water heater, solar water heating systems, solar pool heater, solar thermal panels, evacuated tube olar water heater, flat plate solar collector
  • Electric Winch, Hand Winches;Winches, atv winch, capstan winch, roller fairlead, bow shackle, winch bumper, chain anchor, clevis hook, farmer jack, hook, winch accessories
  • Sourcing Chinese Products;Led lighting products, transit equipments, automation equipments, Injection assistant equipments, electronic components, screws
  • Solar Collector;solar collector, evacuated tube solar collector, flat plate solar collector, evacuated heat pipe solar collector, solar water heater, solar hot water heater, solar water heating systems
  • Fishing Accessories;Fishing tackle, fishing accessories, fishing lures, fishing lines, fishing hooks, fishing lights, fishing float, fishing combo, fishing tool box
  • Beauty Machine;Eye Derma Roller, Body Derma Roller, Derma Stamp, Derma Pen, Mini IPL, Mini RF, Face Derma Roller, LED Derma Roller, Vibration Derma Roller, Roller Head/Needle Kit, Beauty Machine, Beauty Equipment
  • Disposable Tableware;Disposable dinnerware, disposable tableware, party dinnerware, plastic cutlery, solid color plastic cutlery, cutlery set, plastic wedding tableware, outdoor tableware, plastic dinnerware
  • Herbal Extract;Herbal Extract, Animal Extract, Amino Acids, Proteins, Pharmaceutical intermediate, Natural Pigments, Food Additives which are widely used in pharmaceutical, natural health care, nutraceutical
  • Brake Pads;Brake pads, CV brake pad, PC brake pad, Disc brake pad, Car brake pad, bus brake pad, passenger car brake pad, commercial vehicle brake pad
  • Gravure Printing Machine;Packaging Machinery, Laminating Machinery, Rewindin, Slitting Machinery, Bag Making Machinery, Plastic Soft Packing Machine, Sealing and Cutting, Pad, Label, Flexo, Flexible Printing Machinery
  • Pipe Hose Clamps;Hose clamps, Pipe Clamps, Stainless Steel Clamps, Heavy Duty Clips, Quick Release Clamps, Mini, Wire Hose Clamps, Flexible Coupling
  • WPC Decking;Wood plastic composite (wpc) material and wpc products, Including wpc decking, outdoor decking, solid decking, hollow decking, wpc railing, wpc cladding, wpc siding panel, wpc boards, wpc fencing, wpc
  • Wood Plastic Composite;WPC products, wpc decking, outdoor decking, solid decking, hollow decking, wpc boards, wpc railing, wpc cladding, wpc siding panel, wpc fencing, wpc trellis, wpc flower-boxes, wpc outdoor furniture
  • Gasket Sheets, Gasket Materials;gasket materials, gasket sheets, exhaust gasket sheets, exhaust o-ring, graphite gasket sheets, reinforced graphite sheets, flexible graphite sheets, asbestos sheets, cork rubber sheets
  • FTTx Fiber Optic Terminal Box;Fiber Optic Terminal Box, Optical Fast Connector, Optical Mechanical Splice for FTTH and FTTx, Fiber Optic Patch Cord, Optical Fiber Splitter, Optical Distribution Frame, Fiber Optic Connector
  • WPC Decking;wpc deck, diy deck tile, wpc outdoor flooring, composite decking, wpc boards, wpc plate, wpc panel, composite cladding, wpc claddin, wood plastic cladding, wpc railing, wpc fencing, wpc trellis
  • Polycarbonate Sheets;Polycarbonate sheets, pc sheets, polycarbonate pc solid sheets, polycarbonate pc hollow sheets, polycarbonate pc corrugated sheets, polycarbonate pc roofing panel, polycarbonate pc embossed sheets
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool;Hydraulic crimping machine, hydraulic crimping tool, hydraulic compression head, hydraulic compression tool, hydraulic crimping head, hydraulic crimper, crimping machine, crimping tool
  • Plastic Bearing, Bearings;Plastic Pulleys, Rollers, Nylon Bearing, Pressed Bearing, Thrust Bearing, Conveyor Roller, Wheel Bearing, Special Bearing, Nylon Pulley, Castors Pulley, Furniture Pulley, Carbon Steel Bearing, Window
  • Fashion Belt;fashion belts, womens belts, mens belts, leather belts, rhinestone belts, elastic belts, crystal belts, stretch belts, western belts, ladies pu belts, imitation leather belts, kids belts
  • Engine Powered Winch;Engine powered winch, engine driven winch, engine winch, gas winch, electric winch, electric windlass, electric hoist, anti-twisting steel wire rope, non-rotation steel pilot rope, hydraulic pump
  • Gerber Spare parts;Gerber Spare parts, Gerber Cutter Spare parts, Gerber parts, Gerber spreader spare parts, Gerber Plotter spare parts, Gerber Cutter
  • Rayon Embroidery Threads;Rayon embroidery thread, Polyester embroidery thread, 100% viscose rayon embroidery threads, 100% polyester threads
  • NdFeB Magnets, SmCo Magnets;Rare-earth magnets, ndfeb magnets, neodymium magnets, alnico magnets, smco magnets, ferrite permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies, used in aviation of electroacoustics, instruments, computer
  • Solar Water Heaters;Solar water heater, solar collector, solar hot water heater, water heating systems, solar pool heater, solar thermal panels, evacuated tube/flat plate solar collector, evacuated heat pipe solar heater
  • Slimming Machine;Slimming machine, beauty machine, derma roller, ipl machine, multifunctional beauty machine, rf machine, tattoo removal laser machine, elight machine, no needle mesotherapy machine, cavitation machine
  • Casters & Wheels;PU casters, PU wheels, polyurethane caster wheels, nylon casters, rubber casters, plastic casters, light duty casters, medium duty casters, heavy duty caster wheels, for furniture, chair, medical
  • Hydraulic Jacks;hydraulic jacks, hydraulic equipment, bottle jacks, floor jacks, scissors jacks, air hydraulic jacks, jack stand, engine stand, hydraulic conveyer, pipe bender, shop crane, hydraulic lifts
  • Pipe Clamp, Hose Clamp;Hose clamp, pipe clamp, clamps, tube clamp, band clamp, stainless steel clamp, quick release clamp, cable clamp, spring clamp, exhaust clamp, wire clamp, t bolt clamp, worm drive, heavy duty clamp
  • Bags;sports bags, backpacks, gymbags, tennis bags, duffle bags, outdoor bags, mens bags, shoulder bags, athletic bags, travel bags, golf bags, canvas bags, laptop bags, computer bags, beach bags
  • Packing Machinery;Food, pharmaceutical, liquid, bottle, skin, automatic, pouch package, sealing/filling/slitting, bag making machine, folding, sheeting, rewinding, label flexo printing, roll winding/wrapping machinery
  • Heat Pump;heat pump, heat pump water heater, air to water heat pump, air source heat pump, evi heat pump, ground source heat pump, water source heat pump, geothermal heat pump, swimming pool heat pump
  • Spray Dryer;spray dryers, spray dryer, spray drying machine, spray drying equipment, food spray dryer, pharmaceutical spray dryer, dairy spray dryer, chemical spray dryer, ceramic spray dryer
  • Polycarbonate Sheets;Polycarbonate sheets, pc sheets, polycarbonate pc solid sheets, polycarbonate pc hollow sheets, polycarbonate pc corrugated sheets, polycarbonate pc roofing panel, polycarbonate pc embossed sheets
  • Self lubricating bearings;Oilless bearings, sliding bearings, plain bearings, dry bearings, iron bearings, linear bearings, plastic bearings, wrapped bronze bearings, ptfe fibre bearings, bimetallic bearings, oilless bushing,
  • Phosphoric Acid;Phosphoric acid, food grade, tech grade, ortho phosphoric acid, polyphosphoric acid, sodium tripolyphosphate, trisodium phosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, monoammonium phosphate
  • Stainless Steel Tube;Stainless steel pipe, tube, tubing, fitting, seamless pipe, welded pipe, astm, aisi, square, round, stainless pipe, pipe fitting, tee, elbow, reducer, carbon steel flanges, weld flanges, blind flanges
  • PVC Panels, Ceiling Tiles;pvc panels, pvc ceiling, pvc ceiling panel, pvc wall panel, plastic panel, decoration panel, kitchen decorative panel, bathroom decorative ceiling, pvc strip, pvc cladding, pvc board, plasticlad pvc e
  • Thermal Insulation;Fiberglass products/supplies/composite, heat protection, heat shield thermal insulation, sealing materials, fiberglass cloth, tape, mesh, texturized yarn, twisted/knitted/braided rope, welding blanket
  • Derma Roller;540 needles derma roller, 192 needles derma roller, MT derma roller, DNS derma roller, MRS derma roller, eye derma roller, DTR derma roller, MNS derma roller, ZGTS derma roller
  • Womens Blouses, Tops;blouse, tops, t-shirts, tunics, trousers, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, fashion blouse, shirt blouse, cotton blouse, silk blouse, spring tops, going out tops, spring shirts, tees, long skirts

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